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Bankruptcy Testimonials

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“A 5-star rating of excellent is an understatement. Paul’s legal knowledge and skill set are worthy of a 10 star rating of Superb. He is a brilliant bankruptcy attorney who exceeded my expectations. He and his staff effortlessly guided me through a bankruptcy filing with ease and professionalism.” – James

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“A Lawyer Who Treats Clients Like People, Not Just Dollar Signs – Paul Young made an extremely difficult time in my life easier. He handled my bankruptcy and treated me with respect and dignity. He was available for my calls and to answer my questions. Paul gave me accurate information, handled all the paperwork and had everything done in a timely manner so that I could put this behind me and move on with my life. I totally recommend him and his firm (already have and my friend was also very pleased). If I ever run into a problem again, this is the person I would go to!”  –Shelley

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“Mr. Young has worked on a few issues for me for 17 years; He is very caring, listens, and WILL return your calls. He filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy for me recently and it went very smooth. In the past he helped me get my SSDI benefits due to disability on the FIRST application. Do not hesitate giving Paul’s office a call. I went into his office a nervous wreck and left 20 minsutes later reassured.”  –Jeff

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“The best and only lawyer that you will need for your financial problems. Paul Young was very understanding to my financial dilemma and made me feel very relaxed thru the whole process. I know a lot of lawyers, because of my previous job, and Paul was by far the nicest that I have ever had the pleasure in knowing. Thank you, Paul.”

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“Facing a very difficult and emotional decision like bankruptcy is the hardest thing in the world. Mr. Young was very honest and walked us through the entire process and the different options available. He reassured us that there was no shame in our decision and that everything would be okay in the end, and he was absolutely correct. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. As well his fee was very reasonable.” –Anonymous

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Disability Testimonials

stars transparent - Testimonials“Great SSDI Lawyer – Paul Young and his whole staff were great, very compassionate to my needs and diligent in their handling of my case, I could not have asked for a better lawyer. I would recommend Paul or his firm to anyone filing for SSDI”  –Mark

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“I first visited Paul for advice when I first received my denial letter from SSD. I received very good and sound advice from Paul, that I hired him to handle my appeal. Paul was very knowledgeable and thorough in preparing for my hearing. While waiting for my hearing date, Paul had kept in contact by phone and even coming into his office to review and prepare. The day before my hearing, Paul had me come into the office to review everything concerning my hearing. We also met at the hearing location before going before the judge. I can say with happiness and satisfaction that due to Paul H. Young’s preparation, professionalism and care, I received a favorable decision for my SSD appeal.

I would recommend Mr. Paul H. Young to others who are looking for legal representation for SSD benefits. Paul is easily accessible and always gives you the time you need to go over your case. Mr. Young’s staff is extremely helpful also.”  –Ed

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“Mr. Paul Young, Excellence When It Is Needed Most – Mr. Young has worked on a few issues for me for 17 years, he is very caring, listens and WILL return your calls. In the past he helped me get my SSDI benefits due to disability on the FIRST application. Do not hesitate giving Pauls office a call. I went into his office a nervous wreck and left 20 mins later reassured.”  –Jeff

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“In 2009 I had back surgery that went wrong. After working 16 years for the same company I had no problems receiving my short term disability benefits. When it came time for my long term disability benefits, that’s when my troubles began. I had to fight for (and finally sue with a different attorney) my long term disability carrier to get the benefits I was due. Part of my settlement was offset by Social Security Disability benefits. I thought that would be easy but it was not. I wish I had called Paul Young’s office in the very beginning. After contacting Paul and understanding why my Social Security benefits were not going to be easy to get, I started the process with him. He kept me informed, helped me to understand the process and was there for me the entire way. He was empathetic, sympathetic, and very knowledgeable about what was going to happen, when it was going to happen and what the outcome would likely be. I never felt pressured to say or do anything that was not the truth. It was refreshing to know that he understood what I was going through. I truly believe that if he felt like I didn’t have a case, that he would not have even taken it on. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul Young and his team to anyone who was going to have to go through what I did. Thank you Paul Young!”  –Robin

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Criminal Defense Testimonials

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“Gail did an awesome job with my case. I was charged with possession and paraphanelia and she helped me keep my license and got my probation reduced from a year to 6 months. I would 100% recommend her to represent you.”  –Derek

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“Job well done!! Gail represented me in a criminal case [for a misdemeanor] in which I was cleared of all charges. 100% satisfied.”  –Anthony

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“Gail is seriously a miracle worker! I was looking at 5 felony and 15 misdemeanor drug charges and a long long time away. Gail fought HARD for me! She got all the felony charges dropped and some of the misdemeanors. The DA was denying a Section 17, which is probation and charges dropped with no record. After another month of fighting Gail got the DA to agree to a Section 17 and to drop the charges even lower, so while on probation I would not lose my license. The judge in the courtroom told me to thank my attorney and that this was never heard of. I can not thank Gail enough she truly saved my life. I now have a second shot at becoming a better person. I would recommend her a million times over! Who knows how my life would of turned out without her standing by my side and fighting for me. Thank you Gail!”  –Anonymous

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“Gail was amazing. Aa a single mom going through a DUI, I had a lot of anxiety and questions. Gail eased my mind and was patient with me every step of the way. We got a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”  –Robin

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“Without question, I was fortunate enough to have Gail represent me. I thought my life, career, and family would be lost forever. She demonstrated to me that her first concern was my well-being and that if I heeded to her advice things would work out. Gail keep me in the loop throughout the whole process, and continued to remind me to trust her. Gail was right, everything that she said would happen, remarkably did. Gail has two personality qualities that are not usually used together, she has extreme PASSION for her job and unbelievable COMPASSION for her clients. Without question Gail Marr-Williams is my first choice for anyone who needs an attorney and believes his/her life is over because of a poor choice.”  –Scott

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“When we came to see Gail Marr, Esquire, we were behind on our mortgage and car, and really wondered if we would be able to dig ourselves out. However, Gail was totally patient and understanding and that made us feel more relaxed, and we were able to successfully complete a Chapter 13 Plan. We are now 5 years removed from bankruptcy, and it was the best thing that we had ever decided to do.”

"Paul, you were so understanding and sympathetic, I truly felt like you understood where I was coming from. I was terrified and thought I would never be able to make it through, but you changed my opinion of attorneys, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of financial help."


Daria S. is under the age of 50 and classified by Social Security as a younger individual. She was denied benefits in Pennsylvania and came to our office with complaints of uncontrolled dizziness and vomiting with numbness and right side tinnitus. Her previous work history was with the U.S. Postal Service. Her primary diagnoses included vertigo and Meniere’s Disease. We were successful in helping Daria obtain benefits.

“Mr. Young was very knowledgeable and made us feel at ease with our situation. He handled our case very professionally and in a more timely manner than I have heard of other attorneys through friends. His staff was also very understanding and helpful. I would definitely recommend him and his firm and would use him again, if needed, in the future!”

Criminal Defense

Client was facing 90 days minimum imprisonment for a 2nd offense DUI. Case was dismissed at the Preliminary Hearing when the officer was unable to prove that the client operated the vehicle.

Client was originally charged with Felony criminal mischief for allegedly destroying thousands of dollars of bread and cookies in a supermarket in Yardley, PA. Client was found not guilty by jury of all criminal charges, sentenced by the judge for summary violation to pay $500.00 fine. Received worldwide coverage from the Associated Press and Newsweek Magazine and story was on all 4 local news stations, CNN and the Court Channel.